On the Health Food Front

Organic food is taking center stage. One of the largest food market chains in the world, Kroger claims that their fastest growing segment is organics. Telling statistics from the OTA, Organic Market Analysis, is showing double-digit sales growth from just last year. The message is reaching more people than ever before and has made organics the fastest growing sector within the food industry. The clear message more consumers are sending is; we don’t want chemical ridden, genetically modified, fake food.

Only a few short years ago, we were hard pressed to find organic produce without growing our own or joining a local Co-op. Notably, the Co-op supplied food may have been organic, but it was often sad looking from having spent more than its allotted time in the trunk of the well-intended neighbor. Folks armed with their own bags and baskets would sometimes hook up with a party bus rental to drive them to rural organic growers so they could pick their own vegetables.

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