Hello, I’m Karen and my partner Jessie and I welcome you to our site!

Tala Studio is all about the natural side of life. Jessie and I share backgrounds in diet and nutrition, bodywork, yoga and healthy product research. We first met each other at Tala Studio where Jessie was doing a workshop on bpa’s and food additives.

We started talking about the overwhelming number of chemicals women use daily to make themselves beautiful. Before we knew it, we were firmly entrenched in a movement to bring awareness about some of our not-so-smart choices in personal care.

The societal pendulum is swinging back toward nature and away from the synthetic. How often growing up did you hear commercials touting chemicals as the lifesaving answer to all that ailed us? “A better world through chemistry.” Spare me the propaganda!

After much trial and error, illness and even deaths, people are wising up. We don’t need or want a chemical laden world. We can do without the additives in our foods. We can do without smearing our bodies with creams and lotions made up of refined laboratory concoctions.

We have learned to keep poisonous objects out of the hands of toddlers that once were considered cute and harmless. We have studied how to take better care of ourselves overall, and there should be no going back.

This site is about informing its readers of product and services that are available to them regarding personal health and well-being.

We have successfully guided hundreds of folks away from the chemical mixes and brews which are absorbed into the body topically, swallowed or breathed in and towards more life giving sustainable selections.

Humans are not disposable creatures. Despite what big manufactures do to cut costs, we shouldn’t shop just to save us a buck or two. In the long run, what does it really cost us in our health? Costs and availability are just two factors that play into the challenges of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Alternative modalities that reign outside the parameters of allopathic medicine are another topic we cover to give you a better overview when it comes to making health conscious choices.

We are happy to have you as part of our readership. We invite you to leave comments below each article sharing your experiences.