Time Travel or Movie Madness?

It’s natural to think about time travel. If you’ve seen Back to the Future – and who hasn’t, maybe you’ve entertained the thought of taking a trip down memory lane or daring a peak into the future? While Tala Studio specializes in the natural world we also like to veer off into imaginary worlds on occasion. Inspired by the Holidays this week’s blog is about the fantastical.

It also seems natural to be curious about where you might be in 10 years. Will wedding catering services top your to-do list in the not-so-distant future? Will you go on to raise a family? Or are you going to be single, married to a career or a world vagabond? It’s fun to speculate, and some of us want to take a chance and leap into the unknown.

We view time in a linear fashion. One thing happens after another and our memories are built on the same monochronical reference of events. We look back and see life unfolding in a series of actions that lead to now and the future is anyone’s guess. We assume that today will be followed by tomorrow, this week, followed by next and so on.

For fun let’s look at time as a circle or large oval. Say you could stand at one spot of the ring and look across to the other side and see the past or the future. Imagine time as a movie only, nothing more, or less. It is registered differently by each individual, yet the mechanics of calculating it are shared using watches, schedules, sunrises and sunsets and daily activity in general.

So, peering across the loop at the same life, but seeing other scenarios being played out, allows the imagination to be overshadowed by a real-life probability. The probability or possibility in question would be, hopping the circle? This transition takes us into another dimension; the fourth.

While we process life typically in the third dimension we’ve all had premonitions or déjà vu and experienced something outside of the present moment. We drew that information in from another dimension. It wasn’t in the present, so it must exist somewhere for us to access it.

Since this is the story of what ifs, what if there was a machine or device that could aid in transporting us across the oval? More than one science fiction novel has been devoted to this subject, but now quantum physics tells us we don’t need a machine at all. Teleportation.

Mr. A. Einstein suggested that if we traveled at the speed of light into outer space we could go out so far and turn around and come back to the same time we left. (Where’s the fun in that?) Although just a theory, it seems implausible as a reality, simply because the journey would demolish the fragile human life form before it got very far – not to mention the unimaginable amount of fuel needed to accomplish such a task.

In conclusion, we could tele-transport without the use of a machine. It’s been studied by governments for years. Quantum viewing of events on the other side of the world has proven that the mind can transport without the use of gadgets or devices. It’s the challenge of every covert operation to see what the “enemy” is up to. If the mental aspect of the human make-up can transport from a three-dimensional location to another then, it’s not much of a leap that travel to other dimensions has already been accomplished.

Where would you go? Would you visit the future, take note of the stock market, come back and cash in? Would you use the adventure for personal gain or the betterment of humankind? Would you instead revisit the past and tamper with the fabric of what is, or just be an observer?

Leave a comment below and Jessie and I will play along as far as you like with this fun, mind-bending concept.